My Certificate of Engrosser's Script signed and sealed by Senior Master Penman Mr. William A. Lilly, who earned a Gold Seal Certificate at the Zanerian College, the top award given by America's leading school of penmanship and engrossing. 

Here is my Master Penman Certificate, the beginning of my journey. The bird represents the Spirit of God. It is what brought me to and through my calligraphy journey. But looking at the title, it is also interceding, sitting on the scripture John 1:1, reminding me that “The Word was with God” first. So I must write where the Spirit leads me. I must write for the gospel. This spiritual heritage transitions into my earthly heritage in my Chinese name embedded in my English name written in the Chinese calligraphy I so love.

About Connie 

As a Christian calligrapher and artist, I attempt to reflect the beauty of Christ in my daily graphic devotionals and biblical art on Colors of Christ (@colorsofchrist). It is such joy to share the gospel through my work and it is my goal and prayer that Life may be in the art I present to you. 

I serve as the Vice-President of my local calligraphy guild Masscribes and I am an active member in the International Association of Master Penman and Teachers of Handwriting (IAMPETH). I am honored to have Senior Master Penman William A. Lilly and Master Penman John DeCollibus as my mentors and wonderful friends. In keeping with the tradition of the past, Mr. Lilly recognized me with the title of Master Penman in October, 2015. 

My love for lettering began with my mother, who always said, "Your handwriting speaks before you when you grow up." If I wrote any line in my homework slightly slanted, she would ask me to start over. I appreciate that training now more than ever. 

When I am not doing calligraphy, I enjoy reading, writing, playing the piano, and sticking my ink-stained fingers in spices and dough. 

I currently reside in Natick, Massachusetts.