Advanced Spencerian Online Course (4 Lessons) (Starts June 16, 2019)

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Advanced Spencerian Online Course (4 Lessons) (Starts June 16, 2019)

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Starts June 16, 2019

Non-refundable $50 deposit with remaining balance due at the start of the course.

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In this course, we will learn how to flourish Spencerian capitals in ways that preserve the accuracy of letterforms, and reflect the natural beauty of the graceful curves. With my guidance, each student will choose their own quote and produce multiple drafts throughout the course. We will consider how to incorporate and connect flourished capitals into your piece, how to think about letter and line spacing, and how to use swells and hairlines to express the words you choose. We will conclude the course with signature writing that you will use to sign your final artwork. 

Each week for four weeks, there will be a ~40 min video posted and your assignment of the week would be to put the instruction into practice. You may choose to scan or take a photo of your homework and post it on the forum, where I will make detailed suggestions on areas that can be improved. Most online courses at similar and higher price points do not offer personalized feedback for homework submissions but I firmly believe its importance in my students’ progress.

You will have 60 days access to the course so you may truly learn at your own pace. 

After your purchase through this link, you may head over to to register for your forum account. Please register with the same email that you used to check out for this course. You will be given a password to access the videos and forum boards for the class you registered for and have access to the videos and boards for 60 days.

Email me at if you have any questions or concerns. 

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“Taking Connie Chen’s Spencerian Structures and Flourishing Fears online class was the best decision ever! I felt my calligraphy skills hit a plateau and Connie’s perfectly tailored classes were exactly what I was needing to learn more and improve on my current skills. I’m beyond pleased and so impressed with the progress I made in the 2 months of taking her classes! Connie goes over and beyond offering a surplus of information in her videos and handouts, and her personal feedback for assignments are handled with such incredible detail and precision that will just absolutely amaze you! Did I mention that not only is Connie an incredible teacher but is an amazing calligrapher too! Her work alone inspires and motivates you to challenge yourself to a whole new level! I highly recommend taking one of Connie Chen’s amazing classes because I promise they will not disappoint!”

—Esther Thiel @swellafternooncalligraphy

“I love the density of the information…and I think it has helped me understand the structure of the capital flourishes much better. I imagine that I will watch it many more times this week before I feel like I can absorb everything I want out of it! I think I am getting a lot of helpful information and am genuinely enjoying the material.”


“I took one Spencerian class locally in Colorado but I did not get much out of that course. When I saw Connie’s online course, I hesitated to sign up because it’s an online course and it was my first time ever signing up for an online calligraphy course. The Advanced Spencerian Course I had with Connie helped me a lot. I self learnt the script before I took the course so I had some sort of experience. However, I would recommend anyone to do the beginner Spencerian course first with her before the advanced one. I absolutely love the way she teaches. She focuses on how to improve my writing and discusses my work and my concern. I never would have thought I could write like this before. The course has pushed me to the limit. Connie Chen is a great teacher!”

—Irene Ashworth