Overcoming Your Flourishing Fears Online Workshop (4 Lessons) (Starts February 28th, 2019)


Overcoming Your Flourishing Fears Online Workshop (4 Lessons) (Starts February 28th, 2019)

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Learn what makes or breaks a flourish and let graceful strokes complement your work. We will break down and observe the flourish pieces of masters and understand how to compose flourishes in a way that serves your calligraphy. We will go over fore-arm and whole-arm movements; start from simple ending strokes of letters and end with quills and bird flourishes. These lessons are just a starting point on your journey to flourishing but my goal is to provide the basics so you can practice, practice, and practice some more. This will not be as easy to absorb as a calligraphy course on lettering. Please do not take this class if you wish only to approach pictorial flourishing with an oblique holder with finger movements. A straight holder will be used with whole arm movement for bird and quill flourishing only as they were traditionally done. 

Each week for four weeks there will be a ~40min video posted and your assignment of the week would be to put that instruction into practice. You may choose to scan or take a photo of your homework and post it on the forum, where I will make suggestions on areas that can be improved. You will have 60 days access to the course so you may truly learn at your own pace.  

After your purchase through this link, you may head over to conniechencalligraphy.com to register for your forum account. Please register with the same email that you used to check out for this course. You will be given a password to access the videos and forum boards for the class you registered for and have access to the videos and boards for 60 days.

Please note that this course requires prior knowledge and practice of pointed pen. 

Email me at connie@connie-chen.com if you have any questions or concerns. 

Supplies List

  • 1 Straight Holder

  • 1 Inkwell

    • I suggested the dinky dips but if you already have an inkwell, please ignore the dinky dip suggestion.

  • Old World Iron Gall, McCaffery Ink (Any Color), or Tom Norton Walnut Ink

  • 32lb laserjet paper or paper that works for you

    • This is a cheaper alternative for practicing. The downside is that you have to line the paper yourself.

  • Ruler

    • The S798. C-Thru 12 Inch GRAPH Ruler I recommended on the John Neal list is a very useful tool to have. The transparent graph lining allows you to check your measurements easily.

  • Nibs

    • Leonardt Principal and Gillott 303. If you have only used G nibs, please make sure to purchase each of the above. Gillott 303's quality control has been an issue so I would suggest to purchase a few to make sure that you don't have damaged nibs. Also if you choose to use Old World Iron Gall, I suggest to purchase multiple nibs as it is fairly acidic and will eat away at the nib faster even with frequent cleaning.

  • Paper Towel & Water to clean Nibs

  • Pencil

  • Eraser
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