Certificate Mentorship Program

This mentorship program prepares five students per year for calligraphy certificate programs.

Each student will receive the individual attention that my mentors William A. Lilly and John DeCollibus invested in me. Each student will undergo rigorous training personalized based on their strengths and weaknesses to perfect the script(s) of their choice.

Students can tailor their mentorship program to the specific goal of obtaining certificates from calligraphy organizations or work towards one of the two certificates I offer: Certificate of Engrosser’s Script or Certificate of Ornamental Penmanship. In keeping with the tradition of my Zanerian mentor, who judged the quality of my script and deemed me ready to execute my certificate, so will I be doing the same as a mentor.

The tuition will be determined by the number of hours he/she requires. 

Name *
Please send a scanned document of your capital and lowercases in the script you wish to pursue to connie@connie-chen.com *