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Custom Orders Starting at $15


Placing an order for your custom holder does not need to be a difficult or expensive experience. To begin a custom order, just fill out the form below with your ideas and we can help create your perfect holder.  

We can talk about:

Length: A holder can be as small as 4" or as long as 14". This is purely aesthetic and does not impact the function of the holder.

Design: Do you prefer one of the classic shapes such as the Zanerian and the Magnussion? Or do you have an idea or theme in mind? Do you prefer a matte finish that can patina with your calligraphy journey or do you prefer a high gloss finish? You can take a look at our Past Penholders Gallery for inspiration.

Wood: Does a particular wood just catch your eye or mean something to you? We have over 100 different exotic woods with amazing grains in stock. 

Flange: Are you just starting out and would like a Bullock flange that fits multiple nib sizes or are you a seasoned veteran who knows exactly what nib you like to use?

Our pricing starts at $15 for any custom order because we believe a quality pen should be affordable. And as always your order helps support another calligrapher beginning their journey through our Buy A Pen, Give A Pen Program.

Please let us know if you have a bulk workshop pen order. Discounts can be provided on basic holders.


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