Supplies List

I'm very grateful to both John Neal Bookseller and Paper & Ink Arts for putting together a package for us. Here are the direct links to our supply lists: (Use the Code: cchen for 10% off at checkout)

The reason I decided to trouble my friends at both places is because they each carry certain items I think are essential on my list. If you already own a version of an item on the list, please do by all means use what you have.

  • Zanerian Manual (for Engrosser’s Script only)

    • This was the textbook at the Zanerian College and has the best instructions on Engrosser's Script.

  • 1 Oblique Holder for Engrosser's Script (not needed for the Offhand Flourishing Course)

  • 1 Straight holder for Offhand Flourishing

  • 1 Inkwell

    • I suggested the dinky dips but if you already have an inkwell, please ignore the dinky dip suggestion.

  • Ink:

    • If you are a beginner, I recommend the Tom Norton Walnut Ink (not ink crystals) as it does not require maintenance.

    • Alternatively, I use the Moon Palace Sumi Ink for reproducing work / Old World Iron Gall for original pieces (thinner hairlines but more wear on the nibs)

  • Rhodia Pad, Dot Grid 8.25"x11.75"

  • 28lb laser paper (available at Staples)

    • This is a cheaper alternative for practicing. The downside is that you have to line the paper yourself.

  • Protractor

    • Essential for drawing and checking the slant of your script.

  • Ruler

    • The S798. C-Thru 12 Inch GRAPH Ruler I recommended on the John Neal list is a very useful tool to have. The transparent graph lining allows you to check your measurements easily.

  • Nibs

    • Gillott 303, Leonardt Principal, & the Gillott 1068A. If you have only used G nibs, please make sure to purchase each of the above. Gillott 303's quality control has been an issue so I would suggest to purchase a few to make sure that you don't have damaged nibs.

  • Paper Towel & Water to clean Nibs

  • Pencil

  • Eraser